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Bike Lane Uprising

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yup, she started here and talked to everyone on the forum to help figure out what she wanted to build:

She's doing a great job getting word out and the database is a great way to capture groundswell data in multiple cities. 

Yes, Christina has done a great job collecting, analyzing, and presenting the data. She has worked with the city, including several aldermen, in trying to remedy the situation. She is a great spokesperson for the group.

Here's the latest:

I continue to be flabbergasted that the city has only written 1703 tickets through mid-June. I personally submitted over 250 311 reports through mid-June this year, and my bike ride is less than 20 minutes a day. How can a crew of full time employees only write 1700 tickets???

The police do not care about bicyclists or the "safety" of the bike lane. Monday, I saw an entire squad of police dressed in military gear and Automatic assault rifles parked in the bike lane on Harrison all along the street in front of the post office.


A White House official was in town yesterday. 

Military helicopters flew over head multiple times. 

At least they didn't care that I rode on the sidewalk to steer clear of the mess.

I'm not so sure that was the reason although I guess it could have been.  I went by there too. There was a sign on the sidewalk that said it was Police Training exercises.  Frankly that's what it looked like. That old PO building seems like a great place to do training. It would be like a war game, you could pretend you're going after a bad guy in an abandoned warehouse.... 

The Chicago Fire Department have been doing a lot of training too. They've been coming to the UIC campus and trudging up the 27 storey "University Hall" tower staircase.  People at UIC received an email alerting us that local forces like them, and I don't recall if others as well, would be staging nearby and doing various exercises and activities.

Juan, I apologize on behalf of the police in military gear and assault rifles.  They absolutely should of cleared the way for you.  It is irrelevant and unimportant what they may have been doing.  They should of been thinking about bikers in bike lanes, not the situation at hand.  ;)

Apie, nice to hear from you again after nearly a half-year absence. Just to refresh your memory, sometimes members who do regularly contribute here ocassionally come to this site to release some commuting stress with a rant. That's all Juan was doing what his comment. It's normal. No need to be alarmed. Let it go. No harm, no foul. OK, you can go back now. See you in about six months or so. Peace out! ;-)

Hi Tom!  I am here most weekdays.  Like many others, I am more of a reader than a poster.  You seem like a smart guy so I am surprised you came to the conclusion I don't visit due to my low post count.  Have a great weekend, can't wait to see if Dumoulin will be the one in yellow on Sunday!

hi apie!  I appreciate you being an active member. I guess I would like to encourage everyone to become active and not a lurker. I know you were joking ;-) around with  my friend Juan after my comment. Anyways, I'm glad you've here contributing to our community! Thanks!


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