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Bike lane photo shoot Tuesday morning: Show us how you wait for red lights!

Ride by Dearborn & Monroe Tue. morning 12/18 between 8:30-9:30am and stop to show off your red light posture for photographer Steven E Gross and Active Trans.

- Lee Crandell, Active Trans

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Hey, I think I got my picture taken :)

Love that Steven Gross! 

I hope that you had a bunch of people show up for that.

I couldn't get away from work. Sorry.





Thanks to everyone who came by.

Here is a web gallery from the shoot


These are amazing, thanks so much Steven!

All of us at Active Trans, via Ethan Spotts

Page 17. 35012_D2601 through 35012_D2671.

The expressions of the cyclist and ambassador plus the complete lack of awareness of the ped made me crack up. Nice work on behalf of the ambassador to communicate the situation to the ped, doing that all morning would exhaust me.



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