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I'm relocating for work and my apartment will be available. It is the second floor of a northside home. The landlords, who live on the first floor, have been very friendly to my roommate, myself, and our bike collections. I would go so far as to say they have been some of the best landlords I've had. They're open-minded, just don't freebase in the bathroom, run a brothel, or start a growhouse... in the apartment. 

They take pride in their home and it shows. I'm hoping to help them find someone/some people who can appreciate living in a respectful building and return that. 

I figured I would offer it here before broadcasting to the internet at large so other bikers can take advantage.

The location is at Roscoe and Albany just off of Elston, north of Belmont. Great bike routes going downtown on Elston or East on Belmont and Califronia nearby for North/South access. Its surrounded by a gluttonous trifecta of Kuma's corner, Hot Doug's and Smoque. Groceries are a 3 minute ride away at the Jewels or a local Mexican market

Apartment has a lot of light.


The specifics:

3 BR. 

 -two of the bedrooms have closets, 1 of them being a walk-in with shelves. 

 -third bedroom the largest, but no closet. we use as bike room. 

 - all carpeted, one with wainscoting

 - all have a window

1 Bath

 -Tiled bathroom with Medicine-Closet and Linen-Shelves. 

 - full tub

 - Kohler Super-suction toilet

 - window and vent

Kitchen with wood Laminate floors and wainscoting.

 - kitchen includes a breakfast counter and stools (removable if desired)

 - gas stove

 - microwave

- ceiling fan

Living room/ Dining room

 - one open space separated by short brick walls

 - western and southern bay windows

 - large dining room table with leaves in closet (removable if desired)

 - cable ready

 - carpeted

 - ceiling fans in both rooms


- window treatments including blinds and curtains. 

- window air conditioners installed in summer

- tenant controlled heat

- closet in stairway/hallway for coats and storage

- back porch, covered

- back yard

- easy street parking, no permits required, unless your car is registered in the city, then you need basic city sticker based on basic law. I usually see my car out the front window. 

- Quick Expressway access to the Kennedy via Belmont, Addison or Kimbal.

They are asking $1075 per month paid on the 1st with a one (1) month deposit. 
Discounts available for paying cash. 

The best part, all utilities are included in the rent. That's free utilities including:




-Sewage and trash

Availability early March, this is flexible. 

The only thing you would be responsible for is your entertainment:

- cable

- internet

- satellite 

What doesn't this place have:

- it does not have a dishwasher or hookups

- It does not have laundry, though there are local Laundromats

- it does not have an ice maker

- it does not have a wood-burning fireplace

- it does not have a slum-lord

- it does not have gunshots ringing in the streets

- it does not allow pets that walk, landlord allergic to cats, does have hypoallergenic dogs that stay in their home


Please message me if you have questions or would like to schedule a viewing. 

Other Chainlinkers have seen the place if you would like some references. 

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Does the super-suction toilet have a safety to keep you from activating it accidentally?

No safety. Common sense required for approval. Be prepared. 

it does not have a dishwasher or hookups

I'm good with doing dishes by hand but you know sometimes roomies do hookup. Just sayin'

Also no fur sink or built-in electric dog polisher.


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