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Angela Park, 39 y.o. Female Bicyclist Killed by Truck Driver Turning Right in Greektown

From WGN...

CHICAGO — A bicyclist is in critical condition after being hit and pinned under a truck Thursday morning.

It happened at Madison and Halsted in the city’s Greektown neighborhood. The bicyclist was transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Eastbound Madison is closed from Halsted to the Kennedy Expressway. Westbound Madison is closed from Des Plaines to Halsted.


So sorry to say the 39 y.o. female cyclist died. The truck driver was making a right turn (right hook). Our thoughts are with the cyclist's family and friends.

UPDATE 8/10:
Bicyclist has been identified as Angela Park. Our thoughts are with her loved ones. Rest in peace.

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Unfortunately, this is a constant problem as drivers, especially the ones that do not or have never ridden a bicycle, do not or cannot properly judge the distance between their vehicles and the cyclists.
This is all so very sad :(
I wish I had it on video... this morning around 7:50ish AM, three of us on Randolph (after the Randolph mess / Michigan Ave) almost got plowed by a truck charging out of an alley. We all flinched as the driver slammed on his brakes and looked down to see that indeed, there is a green bike lane. A few moments later, we saw his crossing Dearborn and Randolph.
Heartbreaking; If there is a fund or anything, please post.

Trucks have massive blind spots; a cyclist is no match for a driver who isn't looking.

We were driving back from a long trip on Monday and a semi drifted into our lane; I gunned forward and the driver was on his cell. A mistake on a bike is an accident; a mistake in a truck is lethal.

Yes, trucks DO have huge blind spots. A general rule of thumb I learned years ago is that, if you are to the side or rear of a big truck, if you can't see the driver's face in the mirror, the driver probably can't see you.

Angela Park ran Spark MultiSport and was an avid cyclist and triathlete.

Are we sure it's the same person? I found her as well but hesitated to post anything, waiting for confirmation. If it's true, she has two small daughters and is a coach. This is just the worst - we learn more about the person who was lost in this tragic crash.

Also, there is a Mayor's BIKE Advisory Council, and Channel 7 should know better. I, or one of the other community reps, would have been happy to chime in and talk more about it, rather than talk about lane separation.

I had a lengthy conversation today with Evelyn Holmes of Channel 7. She is very interested in giving more coverage to bike issues.

It's been confirmed by people who have met her in my local community but not formally in the news if it is the same Angela Park.

Thanks for confirming Meg. :-( So sad.

Please ensure all violations you have on your phones & cameras involving Lakeshore Recycling Systems (LRS) @LRSrecycles is to our database ASAP. This company is a KNOWN BIKE LANE OFFENDER.

They have illustrated a culture of anti-cycling & risk for a long time. They're documented multiple times illegally using bike lanes for parking & housing dumpsters for months on end in bike lanes. Please report any additional violations to our database at

The more submissions we have to illustrate their disregard for safety the better.


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