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Came across this via Facebook

anyone hear more about it?

I hope the bicyclist is ok!

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That looked horrible. It appears that the cyclist was clipped from the mirror of the vehicle that was speeding and not three feet away. The cyclist goes down backwards hitting his head and seems to be totally unconscious and makes no movement at all in the video. I also hope this cyclist survived and fully recovered from this crash.

The crash incident location is actually at 1339 w. Cortland (not the 1200 block) where the street widens and then severely narrows with the bike lane. Good work CPD ! The security camera was from the building with the white corrugated metalwork on the right. 

Do we have an update on the condition of the cyclist?

Oh, my heart goes out  to this poor  woman's friends and her family.  She was riding  her  bike doing what we all do and the video shows the truck simply clip her  without  appearing  to be aware of her existence on  the road. The Chainlink's  Facebook page says she has  died from this injury.   I have  often biked  on Washington crossing Halsted just  a block away from  this location. . This makes me shiver.  From the video  it seems  like she did nothing wrong other  than  be in the wrong  place at the wrong time and  was taken  out  by this driver.

unfortunately, this is a different crash (from a few days ago). Too many crashes. Too many cyclists being hurt, killed. 

The woman that died this morning was struck this morning by a truck driver making a right turn.

Yup. Just realized that the posted clip was not  from today's crash.

Actually this incident occurred  on a Thursday night June 14, 2018 at about 9pm. A 46-year-old female cyclist was hit by a person driving a grey Mini Cooper in the vicinity of 1300 w. Cortland St. There was no recent update on her condition which was earlier listed as 'serious'.

Where did you find out the cyclist's age? I've been looking for updates but haven't seen any besides your comment.


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