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Yes, Bike Jackers. 

Chainlink member and all-around awesome guy, Michael Wollpert, had his bike stolen right out from under him last night outside Penny's Noodles on Damen. He unlocked it and was knocked down and kicked by two guys who ran off with his Canondale cross bike. This was in front of people on a relatively busy street. 

I'm not sure if he's very active on this forum, but thought I would post 1. in case anyone comes across the bike and 2. to warn you that criminals will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Please be careful. If you know anything about what went down or see a Canondale cross bike (not sure of model) please leave comment or contact me or him directly.


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What if people who were willing to help wore an armband, (maybe a one of those reflective ankle straps or just a bright piece of cloth) that way when cyclists see it they know they can ask that person to watch out while they unlock or find out what direction they are traveling and (if they are going the same direction) ask to ride along for a while.  Not that we wouldn't do it for one another anyway, but the symbol of the armband will make it clear who is willing to help. That way a shy cyclist doesn't have to feel like they are imposing when asking for help. Who knows, the thieves might even take notice and start feeling like there's eyes everywhere. :-)

I have a "chainlink" sticker on my helmet...and on my bike fender...that could be a start.

Maybe a sticker to show solidarity would work because it would always be with us and we wouldn't forget to wear it.

I like the idea of some kind of reflective symbol to show the larger community - I have always liked reflective stickers (the ones from Urban Assualt Ride are nice) because they are pretty durable and

permanent (I have them on both the bike and the helmet). But arm bands are cool too since they

would likely stand out more.  good ideas

How crazy, sorry to hear about his loss happy to hear he was not seriously injured. I will make sure to slow down a little when in the area if I see someone unlocking there. It's my hood and really ticks me off that people have stooped to this level. Amazing how brazen this attack was.

I first heard about this when something similar happened to a friend in Caracas in the '90s (in his case he was actually riding the bike), but I'd not heard of it happening here. Hopefully it will remain rare.

I'm picturing the seat tube packed with broken glass, rusty nails, and metal shavings, with an explosive charge at the bottom, right above the crank. Remote keychain fires the charge.



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