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I wiped out while biking near the planetarium this morning and dislocated broke my shoulder. The pavement on the lower level by the looks wet but is also very slippery algae. Please avoid at all costs!

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Yikes! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

(And thank you for the heads up)

Thank you. Turns out my shoulder relocated by itself, but my humerus is also fractured lengthwise.

After I ate it, a couple sitting on the steps said that I was the second person they'd seen fall today.

Then, my partner, who was a half hour or so behind me also wiped out in that same exact spot, and while he was down saw two other cyclists fall. He got a band aid from lifeguards nearby who were not shocked by the accidents at all, so it seems as though this is a rather common occurrence.

The city and/or park district need to do something about this!

Yikes! I hope you heal up soon.

I tweeted this thread to Chicago Park District. If you want to retweet, look for @aka60643.

Thank you! I called the park district this morning to let them know that it's dangerous in that spot.

Heal fast!

A couple of weeks ago I warned a family about riding there - very slippery indeed. We actually helped them move their bicycles up to the higher level.

Where you were riding is not technically part of the bike path. 

I think it is more about judgement than Chicago Park District responsibility.  

I would imagine that it's just as slippery for people walking/jogging. Even some signs alerting trail users that the path is potentially hazardous would be nice, especially given the number of people who have fallen in this particular spot.

Agreed. I fell not far from there in July of 1994 riding along as well. Shredded my hip really bad and tore my shorts. 

Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that. So it's been an issue for a long time, then.

Yeah, and last week a guy took me down by Ohio St Beach on the bike path. He slipped coming at me. I went over the handlebars and fell on top of his bike. 

It was caused by lots of water on the path from the waves. 

Jeez! Are you okay?

Yeah, good thing for helmets! He was wearing on e as well. 

Just a bit bruised, no blood.

Guy was very apologetic. I just didn't respond. Picked up bike, adjusted the right brake lever, and kept riding home. 

If someone were to put beach sand there, would it help with traction? Or is the area too large of a problem?


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