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First thread, here goes:

I'm Stephen, 27 and lover of road bikes and trips for only 3-4 years.  The irony is I moved to Chicago 3ish years ago..

Commuting by bike in Chicago is many things: exciting, efficient, and encouraging.  Biking wakes you up, saves you money, and propels you to tomorrow.

Then there's long-distance.  Not racing nor training, but biking as travel.  I've biked to Southwest Michigan and Southeast Wisconsin - both trips similar in distance and difficulty.


Anyone have a good 2 day/1 night group trip model they recommend?


Be easy,



Northside, Chicago

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Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
Jeff, according to Mapquest - shortest distance, avoiding highways, toll roads and seasonally closed roads mind you - it's around 12 miles from the Joilet Metra station to US-6 and South McKinley Woods Road. It's probably a bit shorter than that because the closest trailhead is actually east of S McKinley and US-6.

Um... Better late than never, I guess.

The I&M trailhead on the south side of Joliet is at Brandon Rd and Mound Rd, less than two miles from the station.

Jeff said:
Do you have directions from the Joliet train station to the trailhead? Thanks.

For a bike-friendly route, try this (slightly circuitous at the start because of one-way streets and bridges):

  • Go north on Scott from the train station until you get to Cass/US 30.
  • Take a left on Cass and head west.
  • Cross the river and go a few blocks to Center.
  • Take a left on Center.
  • Go a few blocks south and take a right on Marion St.
  • Stay on Marion until Wheeler Ave, where you'll take a left.
  • Stay on Wheeler. You'll cross I-80, pass a park called West Park and then go back down the side of the bluff. At the bottom of that hill is a relatively busy road that has several names on the map. I don't know what the sign there says.
  • Take a right on the Road of Mystery, then left on Brandon about a block later.
  • You'll cross the canal itself soon thereafter and see the trailhead to your right, just before US 6.



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