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Awesome Salsa Marrakesh Deore Flat Bar Touring Bike For Sale -

For Sale: 2017 Salsa Marrakesh Flatbar Deore Version.

Large frame in blue. This bike has been very lightly ridden. Asking $895 obo. 

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Do you mind my asking why you're getting rid of the Marrakesh? It's been "in the mix" for my next bike (either the flat bar you have changed to a Jones H or the drop bar Marrakesh), hoping to build up a midwest touring/bikepacking/long distance commuting rig. Basically everything you find in the midwest (i.e., not a lot of serious mountain biking) except for speedy road riding.

It's an awesome bike but wasn't what I really wanted in the end. I wound up with a Trek FX S5 - carbon frame - flat bar - super comfortable. I don't really do touring and the Marrakesh is definitely set up for that. I paid $1700 for the Marrakesh. I'm moving and am selling at a great price - $895

Agreed that this is an EXCELLENT price for this bike. It's almost as low as the cost of the frame alone. I'm super tempted but can't pull the trigger. Best of luck!

One last question - how tall are you and how did the large fit? I'm 6 ft.

I'm 6 ft 2 and it was a bit small for my taste. It wasn't uncomfortably small, but I got a little larger frame on my Trek.


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