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Like most Associations, we'll hold charitable auctions that include things like Bears tickets and travel packages. I think we can all agree that this particular auction to help fight Alzheimer's is a little bit NEXT LEVEL.  Bike is here in Chicago. Let me know if you have questions. If you can't bid, please tell your posse!


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Wow, I've never seen an online auction like this before.  Very cool and noted as a fundraising tool.

I LOVE the Alzheimer's Association and this is cool prize!

Nice bike. Maybe I can steal it for less than $1K. Can't hurt to bid early.

Julie - Thanks for the kind words. So great to come back here in one of my various bike hats (helmets?) and see that the Chainlink is always running full speed. You do good things. - Eric

Just one day left to bid on this beauty... still a blow-your-socks-off deal for a great cause!




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