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Article about college students biking through the winter is up on RedEye website

Hi there everyone,

An article I wrote about some South Side college students who bike through the winter is now up on the RedEye website:

Hope you guys like it!

I got in touch with some of these students through the Chainlink, yay Chainlink!!!, so I'm really thankful for the help.

There's also a shorter article with some tips here & a Chainlink shout out:

I was already hoping to continue riding through the winter, but talking to these students definitely gave me a lot of extra motivation to keep it up.


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Nicely written and structured, Erin. Thanks for adding this to the growing positive awareness in the media.

I love how positive the article is- I share a lot of those same feelings and appreciate the emphasis on getting cheap secondhand gear too. Nice job!

Nice article!

Let me add to the "thumbs up" on your article!

Very nice articles !

Hope to see some of y'all out there !







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