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Just an early notice of an exhibition at the MSI about bicycles.

Runs until 2018.

Check it out, here.

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Thank you for the heads-up, Michael! Looks a lot like an expanded version of the Nature Museum show from last year. Neat. I can bring my nieces!

Getting to the Museum: 

I copied this from the Museum's web site and the links below do not seem to work from here.

By Bike

The Museum is easily reached by bike on the beautiful lakefront path, just across Lake Shore Drive from the Museum. (From downtown, the ride is approximately eight miles.) Just north of 57th Street, follow the ramp down into the underpass below Lake Shore Drive, then left into the underpass below 57th Street. The Museum's main entrance will be ahead and to your right. Bike racks are available on either side of the main entrance.

To find other routes, find your starting point on the City of Chicago's bike map. The detailed section showing the Museum is here.



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