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Howdy folks,

I just recieved this announcement on a meeting about Foster Ave upgrades. Involvement in the process is one way to be heard and show the community that bikers are a functioning part of the community.

I will probably miss a Climate Change film (Chasing Ice) and social to be at the Mayfair Library for this meeting. Let's show the Chicago political structure we care and have a desire to improve the streets and transit structure of our city.




Dear Neighbor,

For a number of years, my office has been working with the Department of Transportation on traffic safety issues on Foster Avenue.

We have worked with the community and responded to multiple requests for different improvements that would alleviate some of the traffic safety concerns on Foster Avenue, particularly in the Gompers Park area. These improvements include erecting bollards, guardrails, and installing red light cameras at unsafe intersections, as well as increased police enforcement for speeding vehicles.

We are now working with the Department to identify additional measures to address the issue of safety on Foster Avenue from Central Park to the on-ramp for I-94.

It continues to be a priority to me that we work with the community to develop and identify these solutions and gain feedback from the residents and businesses that are most affected by these issues.

My office will be holding a community meeting on April 10th at 7:00 PM at the Mayfair Library, 4400 W. Lawrence. Representatives from the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Chicago Department of Transportation will be there to discuss some of the potential solutions to the traffic safety concerns on Foster Avenue.

If you can not attend the meeting and have questions or concerns about this issue, please contact Elizabeth Granato at (773) 736-5595. Sincerely, Margaret Laurino Alderman 39th Ward

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Thank you for sharing


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