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Vehicles askew all over the place, multiple fire trucks, a crane, and a bike on the street being carefully photographed. Shook me up pretty badly so I didn't stay, but does anyone know what happened?

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Nice to see a television show address the issue.

I also saw something about the Chicago Fire location filming on Twitter just now.

Ok, that wasn't obvious when I emerged from the Metra station underground. So glad nobody else is dead.

I understand. The last thing any of us wants is for another cyclist to be killed in a crash.

Filming Monday morning? You'd think they'd do it on a Sunday morning. Sheesh.

It says a lot about our infrastructure and attitudes when a cyclist is actually hit next to a tv show filming a cyclist being hit. Hopefully the cyclist is ok.

Considering that he was hospitalized, it may be a long time before he's okay.


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