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I hate to start a thread on whether anyone has ridden a particular area, but I work near Van Buren and Homan.  Haven't gotten the guts to ride here because it is not the safest neighborhood, and there are drug deals near my workplace, and shootings have happened (though likely not at the time I would arrive or leave).  I live northside near the lake.  I was thinking of taking Damen south to Grand, then Hoyne (one block away) south to Washington, then Washington west to Homan, then a walking path through Garfield Park then take St. Louis south to my workplace.   Anyone every biked around here?  Homan itself would be a real dangerous street to bike on as cars zip past other cars on this one lane road.  I am more worried about the neighborhood as a whole?  Anyone found it safe?  Maybe I am being unnecessarily paranoid/chicken?

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I've biked around there. It's a doable route during daytime workday hours, much more risky at night with the people hanging out and careless drivers.

You are being way paranoid.

People selling drugs have more important shit to do, like make money, than mess with you.

Even if there are shootings they are unlikely to happen during normal work/commute hours and just not that common.

I used to commute through the West Side to Oak Park; it's just the same as any other commute except I experienced less aggressive behavior from motorists.

I'd do Damen to Fulton to Homan but that's just me.

Not familiar with Homan but I agree that Fulton west of Damen is a very nice street for riding. And Damen south of Grand is fine (only bad part is near the United Center and the Eisenhower), so staying on Damen to Fulton would be the right move rather than switching over to Hoyne IMHO.

If I had to do it tomorrow without any more planning, I would take Damen all the way to Jackson on the way in, and go west on Jackson.  Would that get you close?  You can usually fly on Jackson east and west bound.    

I used to commute from Logan Square to Pulaski/45th. Kedzie is probably your best bet N/S. There's always a lot of people out - the courthouse and bus terminal are both South of Madison, and tons of commuters around the Kedzie Green Line. Fulton > Kedzie would be my route. Pete's Place on Kedzie is a good spot to stop for breakfast.


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