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Any Mountain bike/singletrack trails around the NW Suburbs?

Looking for some new trails around NW Suburbs area to ride mountain bikes. Anyone have ideas or places about any singletrack trails that have dropoffs,jumps, etc.

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Oh my gosh, YES. The Des Plaines River Trail. Go to Riverside Drive and Sibley in Park Ridge. Park on Sibley. Riverside Drive is the same street as Algonquin, north of Oakton Ave. and Talcott south of Touhy. Enter the trailhead at Sibley. Ride north until you go under the tri state overpass. As soon as you leave the concrete and enter the crushed limestone look to your left for an offshoot. This mountain bike trail goes all over the place and has jumps.

Thanks, sounds good i will definetly check them out in the spring!

You'd be thoroughly more interested in Raceway woods north of Carpentersville. They just started a new single track section and there is more around the park, if you look, with some significant hucks and jumps. C-ville also has a new Mtb park planned being designed by the same group that did Valmont in Colorado.
Others in Chicagoland: the Garden dirt jumps in the city. Palos and Saw Wee Kee to the west. Plainfield jumps to the south. Also, Elgin has the Hill bmx track, which is open to the public.



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