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 I recently bought a turn signal and brake light setup off ebay for about $10. I wonder if anyone would consider this item. Here is opinion of this item. 1st no instructions were included, not that mounting a tail light pose any problems, however I was not sure how the brake light work, fooling with the switch, I determine it goes on the brake cable.

 I find it does what it is suppose to do, signal turns and brake light brighten when brakes are applied. However it is cheaply made, and durability is questionable, but not bad for $10. Another annoyng feature is sound effect when using the turn signals. My solution was just cut the speaker wire. Power is by 2 AA batteries. Watch the video will show all the features.


Do you really need this item, not really, but good to have. Being a ebiker, our speeds can be higher, close to car speeds, this may help or save a life. Every been behind a car that turns without signaling? A driver and/or other cyclist may know your intentions sooner. I'll test  this item for a period and see if I like it. FYI...Turn signal does not cancel out by themself.



  Below is a link to a utube video;


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Another light for car drivers to ignore. No thanks.

I've found hand signals get the job done without anything else to maintain. Hand signals are probably easier to see than the turn signal under the seat, especially since few people would be looking for a turn signal mounted there.


  I don't expect it to be as visible in the daytime. Since most of my concern riding is coming home from work at night between 11pm and 5am, it can be more visible, if there was any vehicles out there. weather permitting, I will tried it out this Saturday on Lee Diamond's Tour of Lower West Side.

Sounds interesting.  The more lights the better.

Hmm, it's similar to the tacx lumos although the tacx lights look like they're a little bit easier to use.

Looks pretty geeky. I'd consider buying one if it came with a cigarette lighter and maybe an ash tray to go along with it. Yeah, I'd like that. Then I can empty out my ash tray on all the cars that attempt to door me, cut me off, flip me the bird, etc.


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