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I rode on the Lakefront trail today.  Despite wind advisories, etc. you should too.  Why?

1.  I SAW A SNOWY OWL.  This was totally amazing.  They are obviously rare around here, and I felt like I had seen a unicorn to see such a glorious bird in a city.  (This was on the stretch between the entrance to the harbor and the golf course fieldhouse -- roughly around Irving Park Rd.)

2.  The geese had taken over the golf course.  This made me feel good -- the fowl proletariat won the day over the Titleist masses.

3.  Loons!  There are tons of loons on the lakefront.  They are so so cool.

Also, it's less crowded, and somehow feels magic when cold.  Take a spin!

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The REAL cycling season has begun! Yay.

Great post. I'm envious!

I saw a snowy owl last night as well! It was flying around the Shedd Aquarium. That was definitely a first for me.

That is cool! I heard from a friend the other day that there are going to be an unusually high number of snowy owls around here.

Loons AND a snowy owl - wow!

Can we get some pictures? I really want to see this myself, but a good picture is worth a thousand words!


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