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Alex Moulton, the father of the modern folding bike, passed away in England, Dec 9.  The NY Times finally published an obituary today:

I mention it because I saw this quote from the piece published on the classic-rendezvous group and thought it would resonate with the Chainlink crowd (italics are mine):

“Having spent most of my life involved in automotive engineering, I find it interesting to reflect that the automobile, with all its convenience of use and fascination to the engineer, was an inevitable evolution from the horse-drawn chariot; whereas the bicycle, with its human propulsion and single track, is an extraordinary and unlikely device to have been created!” Mr. Moulton wrote in the mid-1990s, in a pamphlet titled “The Moulton Bicycle: The World’s Most Efficient Form of Transport.”

“The contrast in the activity of motoring and cycling could not be more profound,” he continued. “The driver, who sits in a low, enclosed, air-conditioned environment or ‘cage,’ is only sensually and nervously involved and is isolated from the surroundings; whereas the cyclist, with a high sightline and in the open air, is physically involved, and proceeds in that miraculous way entirely by his or her own effort of health-giving exercise, with nervous relaxation and spiritual uplift even!

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Apologies...  I only italicized the last part of the last sentence.  I didn't realize the forum software was going to italicize the entire quote...

RIP, Alex Moulton. I would love to own one of his bikes, but HOLY CRAP they're expensive.

Word. When I was looking for a folder, moulton was suggested to me.

Needless to say, I ended up with a Dahon. ;)

But from everything I've read and heard, they're phenomenal bikes (never had the pleasure of riding one myself). RIP Mr. Moulton.

Will V. said:

RIP, Alex Moulton. I would love to own one of his bikes, but HOLY CRAP they're expensive.

Very nice bike, Alex Moulton!

Not actually "folding" bikes, but beautiful & efficient bikes nonetheless. Some did come apart like a bike with couplers, but they weren't hinged. Quite attactive and great riding bicycles; Mr. Moulton will be missed and highly regarded for years to come.



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