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Thieves know its simple to break into any garage that they want.

Always lock your bikes up in the garage even if they are already inside the closed locked garage door. But . . .that will only delay the thieves a bit. Lock em' in the house . . . umm, to your bed, . . . uhh, maybe your ankle ?!  Nö ?! 

Reoccurring summertime garage bike thievery. 

More good crime reporting by

For the full article:

Reminder: When leaving, always check that your garage door is actually closed when you press the button. Day or night. I've seen plenty of doors open and notified the owners when people think they have closed them. 

Bicycle garage wall/floor anchoring devices.

Levitate wall mount bike rack for inside storage.  (3:25)watch. 

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I must say this really surprised me.

If they got into that garage I would have thought they would have hotwired the SUV.  Is it that hard to steal a car these days with alarms, etc? 

Let's assume they get $500 for each bike and split it. That's $500 each and that includes the hassle of selling it, etc. The car is worth a lot more, though perhaps they arenpt plugged into networks of thieves who know what to do with stolen cars (vin number, plates, etc.).  Thoughts?

The only way to steal a SUV today and take it for a two hour ride is by waving a Glock 9mm at the owner. Today, in our city, vehicles are hijacked for transportation to commit a crime and for transportation to flee the crime scene.

The bicycles in the video looked to be high-end bikes (one had aero bars) and the thieves may have been aware that the owners had them in the garage.

Who knows what motivated these bicycle-enthusiast thieves? Quick cash for opioid pain killers? I would not be surprised if they only got $100.

Vehicle chop shops don't exist in high numbers today, and neither do sending stolen vehicles in shipping containers to third-world countries either. 

Just make sure your vehicle has a welded cage surrounding the catalytic converter if you park it overnight anywhere in Chicago.  

I am aware that built in anti theft systems in newer cars have pushed thieves away from attempting to steal parked cars, and towards car jackings (and that those cars are often used as getaway cars for subsequent crimes and then are abandoned). I wasn't aware that the number of stolen vehicles being sent to unscrupulous third world countries has been on the wane. Is there a reason for this? Better enforcement on the international level? Just curious.

I purchased a length of heavy duty Orange chain from Home Depot, some fabric, and a beefy lock. Covered the chain with the fabric and sewed it on(so it doesn't scratch the paint or make a ton of noise). Wrapped it around one of the gas lines in my building and now it's holding four bicycles. I know it's not going to stop someone determined, but hopefully I'll be home or my neighbors will. Also, each of the bikes is very identifiable and registered on Bike Index. It could easily be cheaper, but I wouldn't skimp on security.
$30 for chain
$10 for fireproof/waterproof/ripstop fabric
$30 for beefy lock

I secured my bike to a gas line outside a bar one time and the bartender politely asked me to move it.  She explained that they were worried that someone might try to cut through the pipe to steal the bike and cause a serious issue.  Or, an old pipe could come loose.  Although I didn't find those situations likely to occur, I agreed that they were likely enough to be a concern and had no problem moving my bike.  Most bike thieves aren't really that bright.  The video of somebody using an angle grinder on a gas pipe wouldn't be pretty.  I doubt if the bike would end up too pretty, either! 

So, Tom, since you have been repeatedly referencing/linking to CWB Chicago, this crime news website is now on my radar. It instantly reminded me of Second City Cop, albeit more subtle, but a dog whistle none the less. What's your take?

Just googled it now. Checking it out. Thanks.

More subtle but a dog whistle - yep, pretty much. And SCC often links to CWB now, if CWB has a story first.

I don't doubt that the incidents reported are real, but I do find the implication that just about every crime in Chicago is committed by a black person more than a little racist, in the exact way described by v w concerning Second City Cop.      

All these stories and TWO white perps. Doesn't change the optics.

whats even worse optics is there were zero female perps on the first 3 pages.  Isn't the city half female..  It really makes men in general look bad if they're  the only ones pictured/caught doing crimes.   


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