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Motorist hit group ride this morning. IMO, distracted driving should be criminal. Not happy with the assessment by police going easy on a driver that was reckless and killed a cyclist, hurting 6 others.


One cyclist is dead and six others were injured after being struck by a car in Davie Sunday morning.

The incident happened near State Road 84 and Weston Road.

According to officials, one of the cyclists died, another is in critical condition. Five others were being treated for minor injuries. 

The driver of the vehicle remained on the scene. Officials said she was distracted, but it wasn't a phone-related distraction. Police went on to say that speed and alcohol did not play a factor in this crash and they are not investigating this as a criminal case. 

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The posted limit is 55, so I guess "speed is not a factor" at least up to that.

Also note how the sidewalk suddenly ends in the middle of nowhere...

and the inaccessible bus stop.

So, i'd bet she was going 65+ (my personal observation is in most places i've driven, most motorists go an average of 10 over the posted limit.)

No way to prove it, unfortunately.


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