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Chicago Cycling Fatalities for 2018

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2-28-18 Carlos D. Ocana-Castillo, 21.
Just recently released to the media:
On Wednesday February 28, 2018, at 10:25am a driver fatality struck Carlos D. Ocana-Castillo, 21, on his bicycle from behind in 1800 block of w. 59th and fled the scene.

Carlos was hit when a vehicle's driver changed lanes and struck him from behind and then fled the scene of the fatal crash.

Carlos D. Ocana - Castillo, 21, 1800 s. 59th st. 2-28-18.

Raul Ortiz-Gomez, 41, Erie and Ogden 6-13-18

6-13-18 The fatality site was actually at Erie and Ogden and Raul Ortiz-Gomez, 41, was hit in the crosswalk! Seems to have good enough visibility sight lines. Perhaps another, "OOPS, I didn't see you!"


Update 6-16-18


Now a bystander says she was nearby when the collision occurred and says the Uber driver was driving WEST on ERIE and turning N.E.onto OGDEN when he hit and killed the cyclist. EDITED 6-16-18.


"I am so very sorry for your loss. I did not know Raul, I witnessed the accident. I spoke to him and prayed for him as we waited for the ambulance. May he rest in peace. Your family will be in my prayers."

Posted by: Andréa Murphy - Chicago, IL
Jun 16, 2018

Chainlink Members: Please Contine To Post Any Chicago On-Street Cycling Fatalities For 2018 Below. Thanks. 

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Hopefully, charges will be upgraded later.

Angela Park, 39   RIP  +

This is the fourth Chicago cyclist death for 2018.

Coach Angela Park

There is a vigil scheduled for Angela Park on Friday , August 31 at 7:10pm, Halsted and Madison. The event is being planned and organized by Ghost Bikes Chicago's Kristen Green.

"If you are attending the service, it would be Angela’s wishes that you wear pink or sparkly clothing."


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