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Please join me 2-20-19 !  . . .

Planning to attend the CDOT'S Mayor's 'PEDESTRIAN' Advisory Council Meeting Wednesday February 20, at 3pm in City Hall to raise a voice in memory and honor for cyclist Jesse Rodriguez who's death will be improperly ruled (IMHO) as a pedestrian's fatality and not as a CYCLIST'S. 

Chicago Cycling Fatalities for 2018 = 6

Rest in everlasting peace ! 

"Your families will always be in my prayers !"

Photo Credit: Linda Mastandrea from SBC 1-14-19 (Jesse Rodriguez family) . . .

* Carlos D. Ocana-Castillo, 21, at 1800 s. 59th St. 2-28-18.

* Raul Ortiz-Gomez, 41, at Ogden and Erie, 6-13-18.

* Luster Jackson, 58, at 7200 s. Stony Island, 7-28-18.

* Angela Park, 39, at Halsted and Madison, 8-10-18. 

* Jimmy Lispier, 42, at 4400 w. Division St. 8-23-18.

* Jesse Rodriguez, 67, at Devon and McCormick, 9-23-18. 

Chainlink members: Good luck. Thank you to all the good members from the past and present  . . .  See you all soon, somewhere down the road  . . .

Remembering The 6 Cyclists That Died  In Chicago Bike Crashes In 2018 :

A 67 year-old cyclist was killed In a hit-and-run 9-23-18 at Devon Avenue and McCormick Blvd. 

Jesse Rodriguez

Angela Park

The month of August 2018 has been especially deadly for cyclists in Chicago. Three cyclists have died in a three-week period recently. 

Luster Jackson

8-26-18 Jimmy Lispier ,42, of West Humboldt Park will be announced  by authorities as the fifth on-street Chicago cycling fatality in 2018

2-28-18 Carlos D. Ocana-Castillo, 21.
Just recently released to the media:
On Wednesday February 28, 2018, at 10:25am a driver fatality struck Carlos D. Ocana-Castillo, 21, on his bicycle from behind in 1800 block of w. 59th and fled the scene.

Carlos was hit when a vehicle's driver changed lanes and struck him from behind and then fled the scene of the fatal crash.

Carlos D. Ocana - Castillo, 21, 1800 s. 59th st. 2-28-18.

Raul Ortiz-Gomez, 41, Erie and Ogden 6-13-18

6-13-18 The fatality site was actually at Erie and Ogden and Raul Ortiz-Gomez, 41, was hit in the crosswalk! Seems to have good enough visibility sight lines. Perhaps another, "OOPS, I didn't see you!"


Update 6-16-18


Now a bystander says she was nearby when the collision occurred and says the Uber driver was driving WEST on ERIE and turning N.E.onto OGDEN when he hit and killed the cyclist. EDITED 6-16-18.


"I am so very sorry for your loss. I did not know Raul, I witnessed the accident. I spoke to him and prayed for him as we waited for the ambulance. May he rest in peace. Your family will be in my prayers."

Posted by: Andréa Murphy - Chicago, IL
Jun 16, 2018

*Music Video - about losing a close cycling friend. Future Peers - 'Lines' (3:56)

Chainlink Members: Hopefully, someone will contine to post any Chicago On-Street Cycling Fatalities for 2019 and in future years.Thanks. Farewell !  . . . (4:03)

CDOT ultimately decides at the end of the year what the official cycling fatality count is for the year. It is not unheard of, according to their ambiguous reasoning, to eliminate a Chicago cycling fatality for no logical reason IMO, except to artificially and inaccurately lower the official  count.

Note: CDOT'S yearly Chicago on-streets cycling fatalities is limited to include cyclists (in motion only, apparently) that are killed only on Chicago streets (parking lots and sidewalks excluded, apparently) by  moving vehicles only, (trains excluded, apparently! )  . . .

Perhaps my next undertaking may be to monitor/study/analyze data of Chicago cyclists injured in crashes (in all situations) and/or suggest/implement /improvement in reporting by those injured cyclists to local authorities. Perhaps starting a reporting website or info blog.  . . . thanks!  . . .

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A right hook or a straight hit from behind?

Not that the exact details matter but these drivers that speed up to pass you then hit the brakes and swing right are deadly. I have 2 lights on the rear of my bike so they do see me they just can't wait 3 seconds.

You are so, so right.  One of the scariest things about cycling.

Report says hit from behind at 10:25am last Wednesday. Distracted? Wide street speed zone.

A Go Fund Me Campaign has been started by his family to cover funeral costs and medical bills:

Carlos Daniel Ocana-Castillo, 21, RIP  +

From the GoFundme article,
"Daniel went to the store for snacks and was hit-and-run from behind. He suffered severe injuries to the head chest/heart and a broken leg. He was conscious on his way to the hospital, but then we lost him. He died on March 1st, a day before his birthday."

A suspect has been arrested and charged for the hit-and-run:

From Police News Affairs 3-6-18:
"Motorist Kiara Black, 22, of Country Club Hills, has been charged with one felony count of failure to report a crash resulting in a death. Black appeared in Central Bond Court on 3-3-18."

Update: 6-14-18 Sun-Times Wire

" A 41-year-old male cyclist was killed Wednesday night, 6-13-18, when he was  hit by the 40-year-old driver of a Lexus that was turning north onto Ogden from Erie Street, according to a police report."

This is the 2nd Chicago cyclist death for 2018.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the fallen cyclist. R.I.P. +

Luster Jackson, 58, (dooring into traffic) at 7200 s. Stony Island.

This is the third Chicago Cycling death for 2018. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the fallen cyclist. R.I.P.+

A bicyclist died after being struck by a vehicle Saturday evening in the Grand Crossing neighborhood on the South Side.
At 6:48 p.m., 58-year-old Luster Jackson was riding his bicycle north in the 7200 block of South Stony Island when he veered to avoid an open car door and was hit by another vehicle that was traveling north, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.
Jackson was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center and pronounced dead, authorities said.
An autopsy conducted Sunday found that Jackson died from multiple injuries related to the crash, and his death was ruled an accident, the medical examiner’s office said. He lived in the Jackson Park Highlands neighborhood.
The driver of the vehicle that fatally struck Jackson was issued a citation, police said.

SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT HERE. It was an "accident" but a citation was issued?


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