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ISO...want to buy............cycling related 2014 yearly calender. Does Chainlink or any associated org's have one?

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Not yet but I've been thinking about a fun chainlink calendar.

Picked up a THOUGHTYOUKNEW.US calendar at the 2012 Chicago Bike Winter Swap............their site does not seem to be current..........anyone know if they're still making calendars?

The TYK site does indeed appear to be abandoned.

If there's a 2014 edition in the works, this looks like exactly what you're asking for:


If you are into vintage bikes, Bicycle Quarterly magazine publishes a nice wall calendar every year.

I'd be interested in a CL calendar as well - BTW, what happened to the idea of CL jerseys?

Sounds interesting.  What part of CL are we talking about here?

Miscellaneous Romance? Casual Encounters? Erotic Services?

Andy J (9.2 miles) said:

I'd be interested in a CL calendar as well



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