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1986 21", 53.3 CM Schwinn Voyageur Frame/Fork/Headset/Brakes/Shifters

Probably one of the best touring bikes to come out of the 80's. Here are some specs and such:

What's included? The frame, fork, headset, Dia-compe cantilever brakes, kool stop salmon pads. The frame is awesome - it has low-rider rack mounts for mounting larger panniers in the front, two sets of eyelets in the front and back, a chain rest for easier tube/tire changes, and THREE water bottle braze ons. It's got everything you'd need for serious touring. But, you don't even have to use it for serious touring. Since the tubing isn't super stiff or oversized, it rides very smoothly with no load at all. It's Columbus tubing; 'nuff said.

To fit this bike in an ideal manner, your PBH would probably be 76-78 cm, or cycling inseam of 29-31 inches. So, that means the potential owner of this bike should be 5'4" to 5'6". I'm 5'8" and I was at the max seat post height and had to use a technomic stem to get the bars level. So, there you go.

I'm asking $200. With some rummaging at Working Bikes or Recyclery, You could easily be on the road for less than $400. 

PM me with any questions.

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Does it include the bottom bracket as well?

It does. But, anyone interested should be forewarned - it is a little bit gritty even after an overhaul.

i am also throwing in a 100mm quill stem, 26mm clamp diameter.


I just bought an 53cm 84 Voyager Non SP for $200 as well. Its extremely clean and clearly never did any touring with the original owner. Im having some wheels handbuilt right now for it and have been shopping around in my spare time for good touring componentry. Going to have the frame powdercoated as well. Going to be a lovely rig once complete.

Good luck on the sale! 

Wow, someone is going to get a deal.  Too small for me by a longshot.

Ha, yeah. We're about the same height and presumably the same proportions. My 58cm fits a lot better; no need for maxed out technomic stems and seat posts. It's a shame I would have to undertake a pretty massive search for this same bike in 58cm. 

Did you ever find help with the drivetrain swap you wanted to do?  If not I could walk you through it here at my shop gratis.  Would be an hour or so depending on any complications.  

Yep, I was able to do 80% of the work at a co-op, and had the rest of it done by a shop. So now, I have a '73 World Voyageur wearing '86 components. 

Cool beans.    I hope you have good luck selling this one.  It's a great bike, just the wrong size.  I'm going through the same thing with my CX bike right now.  

I've been eying that ad of yours on CL, and thought it would be a great deal if it weren't for the size. This is a Panasonic-made Schwinn, right?

Yes sir. Panasonic made Schwinns are grand. I'm convinced that if this were a 23", it would have been long gone. I just need a shorter dude or a lady to see this ad!

Oh, man, this is just my size (even though I'm 5'8", I prefer a 53), but I need a bike project like I need a hole in my head. And if I bought this bike, my wife would make sure I had both. :/

If this were a 23" I'd be crying right now because it would be gone by now and this is the first that I've heard of it. (I've been offline since last week.) My tourer (and all purpose bike at the moment) is an '82 - which is pretty great, but it lacks the cantilever brake bosses and the tubes were not as nice. (But the lugs are prettier.)

Jim S said:

Yes sir. Panasonic made Schwinns are grand. I'm convinced that if this were a 23", it would have been long gone. I just need a shorter dude or a lady to see this ad!



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