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Your, you're and yore.

There Their They're;

To  Two and too.

A common bicycle-related one is "peddle" in place of "pedal".


Yes last week, somewhere around here.  Yes that would be me.

MagMileMarauder said:

A common bicycle-related one is "peddle" in place of "pedal".

On the other hand,

So, land of contrasts, etc.

that space is here:

James BlackHeron said:

BTW, we need to allot some space to explain why alot is not a word...

The word "data" is plural

Good example for this forum.  ;)

Dave Jacque said:

Breaks vs. Brakes.

"I hit the brakes so I wouldn't end up with multiple bone breaks." (That example may need some work.)


"Data" isn't always plural. From

Usage note
Data is a plural of datum, which is originally a Latin noun meaning “something given.” Today, data is used in English both as a plural noun meaning “facts or pieces of information” ( These data are described more fully elsewhere ) and as a singular mass noun meaning “information”: Not much data is available on flood control in Brazil. It is almost always treated as a plural in scientific and academic writing. In other types of writing it is either singular or plural. 

John Wirtz said:

The word "data" is plural



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