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Wheel building

Can anybody help me find a place where I can buy wheel goods in bulk and on the cheap? Or any shop in town that has bulk discounts? I'm tea…

Started by Matthew Kutz

1 Dec 22, 2008
Reply by J

New tire installation woahs

I can't get my new road bike trainer tire onto the rim. It was hard enough getting one side on (used my level and finally got it to give),…

Started by Jule

9 Dec 19, 2008
Reply by joe stein

Bright Bike Project

I might be a bit behind but I saw this link today and though it looked pretty cool, especailly if you want to kill two birds with one stone…

Started by LeslieB

26 Dec 18, 2008
Reply by M.A.R.K.

Winter biking shoes for pedals with toe clips

I am planning on commuting via bike through winter for the first time and I have been looking for a good pair of winter biking shoes/boots.…

Started by Maxwell Palmer

19 Dec 17, 2008
Reply by Brett Ratner

Stupid passengers (yes - passengers)

I work up in downtown Evanston, so I take Chicago/Clark home. I'm biking home tonight, and at Morse and Clark, a passenger in a car has th…

Started by Tank-Ridin' Ryan

5 Dec 16, 2008
Reply by h' Zerocats

that NYC cop who tackled that guy at critical mass..

was indicted, possibly on felony charges: But it is believed that prosecutors were seeking felony charges of filing false records in connec…

Started by heather s

6 Dec 16, 2008
Reply by Reddog (Cliff)

Biking benefit in transit...bailout assists commuters

Questions remain on how incentive will be carried out By Susan Chandler | Tribune reporter December 15, 2008 It was one of the more quirk…

Started by Jule

7 Dec 16, 2008
Reply by Julie Aberhoch

Bike Resurrection: AKA another "what to do with a great old bike" thread...

Need some help from the community. My Dad has an old Peugeot PX10LE circa 1977 which has not been ridden since Reagan's first term. I fina…

Started by Stewski

8 Dec 14, 2008
Reply by sm

Indoor bike storage, racks..

How do you keep your bikes off the street? Please post any experiences, good or bad, about the options out there. What would you say is th…

Started by root

11 Dec 13, 2008
Reply by DavID

Funny photo of a bike lane...

It is wonderful that cities will include bicycle lanes in the planning and production of roadways. Its also great that they will put up a s…

Started by Bean

8 Dec 13, 2008
Reply by joe stein



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