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Stolen Bike Registry - do this when your bike gets stolen

"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's wel…

Started by Lee DiamondLatest Reply

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March Bad-Weather Case of Crabcakes

I'm all kinds of crabby. Tired of being cold. Tired of not being able to feel my face. And desperate for some sunshine. Things that have ad…

Started by Yasmeen

31 3 hours ago
Reply by Mike Zumwalt

Divvy could get $50M expansion, including e-assist and dockless bikes in all 50 wards

The proposal would add 175 new stations and an additional 10,500 new bikes. (The current system has 6,000 bikes). The bikes would include e…

Started by Phillip Hutchinson

5 3 hours ago
Reply by Mike Zumwalt

Passenger of SUV blocking bike lane throws liquid on cyclists

Contributor Submitted: "I stopped in front of the vehicle to take a picture of the lady blocking the bike lane. I noticed afterwards that…

Started by Bike Lane Uprising

14 4 hours ago
Reply by Jennifer on the lake

Chainlink tell me what you know about biking in St. Louis!

Looks like there is a pretty good chance my partner and I will be re-locating to St. Louis--  we both have about 10 years under our belt of…

Started by kb

15 8 hours ago
Reply by Tom A.K.

"The Great Ride" - GAP-C&O Trail

Good documentary from WQED Pittsburgh on the GAP-C&O Trail.  You can watch on their web site until 3?31

Started by Len Krietz

4 yesterday
Reply by curt(is) locke

If you build a bike lane, the terrorists will win!

A new video from Streetfilms assembles the most head-scratching attacks employed by bike-lane foes, such as: Don’t let the terrorists win!…

Started by curt(is) locke

0 yesterday

Hoping to bike from Chi or Milwaukee to Mpls, wanna join?

Wanna bike from Milwaukee to Minneapolis with me? I did Chicago to Milwaukee last summer and I want to bike to Minneapolis now. Maybe from…

Started by Noah Kleinschmidt

6 on Sunday
Reply by Samuel Diaz

Advice for becoming a pedicabber?

Hi collective wisdom, I'm interested in pedicabbing this summer. How would one start? Are there companies to avoid? Has anyone gotten their…

Started by Morning

3 on Friday
Reply by Jaik S.

Bike thieves, one of the lowest forms of life

So now I see that they're breaking into shops and taking the cream of the crop.  This must really be catastrophic for the owners, who deser…

Started by Jim Reho

13 on Friday
Reply by Anne Alt

Anyone biking near Homan and Van Buren?

I hate to start a thread on whether anyone has ridden a particular area, but I work near Van Buren and Homan.  Haven't gotten the guts to r…

Started by SlowCoachOnTheRoad

4 on Friday
Reply by Alex Z


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