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Stolen Bike Registry - do this when your bike gets stolen

"With all the stolen bike posts lately (and no one thinking "I wonder if there's something under Useful Links for this."), I think it's wel…

Started by Lee DiamondLatest Reply

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North Branch/North Shore Channel trail questions

as a new resident of lincoln square, i've been utilizing the North Branch/North shore Channel trail to commute up to my job in Evanston and…

Started by Dan Allison

21 2 hours ago
Reply by Bob Kastigar

Randolph bike lane between Clinton and canal

Can we get the city to redo this and admit that they made a mistake with this design?  You’re either about to get right hooked here by cars…

Started by Gage B.

8 9 hours ago
Reply by ketoguychicago

Moving, Job Hunting - How Much Is Bike Riding a Factor In Your Choices?

I moved today from D.C. to Bethesda. Shorter commute to work (still bike/metro), quieter (my DC neighborhood was a little too heavy on the…

Started by Yasmeen

13 yesterday
Reply by Ernesto Lube

All those f-bombs and birds flying free may be good for your health Your potty-mouth may be improving muscle strength and stamin…

Started by Yasmeen

5 on Tuesday
Reply by SixtyTwoPercent

A sharable ‘sit down’ electric scooter company is launching in Texas

Already home to thousands of electric scooters, many of them crowding downtown sidewalks, the Central Texas city will be the first to exper…

Started by Bob Kastigar

1 on Monday
Reply by Phillip Hutchinson

Way to Make Friends... Get in Front of Another Cyclist and Coast

This morning this guy made a point of positioning himself in front of me (assuming I wouldn't go as fast?) but there is this lovely downhil…

Started by Yasmeen

11 on Monday
Reply by kb

How far you've ridden in 2018

a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

Started by bobweiser

178 Jan 12
Reply by bobweiser

Current Conditions on the LFP?

Am planning on riding to the loop via the LFP tomorrow and seem to recall that the big bend is usually closed when there is snow or ice. Do…

Started by SixtyTwoPercent

3 Jan 11
Reply by MagMileMarauder

Pedestrian clipped by cyclist

I couldn't believe it! Pedestrian is ok. I think the cyclist had his ego bruised more than anything.  Headed home on Adams towards Wabash,…

Started by Ernesto Lube

3 Jan 11
Reply by Juan 2-3 or more mi.


I've noticed that a number of us primarily use Divvy to get around. I figured I'd create this thread to discuss all things Divvy. Complimen…

Started by Argonne69

59 Jan 11
Reply by Skip Montanaro 14.5mi


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