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Leadership Team

The Chainlink is managed by a tight and talented group of cyclists.  We administer the website, design events, and promote community engagement on a great, big quest to keep people riding bikes in Chicagoland.  

Countless hours are devoted to site moderation, building partnerships, budgeting, and envisioning how to leverage new media to connect more people to cycling and to each other.

As The Chainlink community continues to gain momentum and garner significant attention for its achievements, we look forward to discovering the new and creative ways our members are powering-up cycling in their lives.  

From start to finish, we are honored to be leading this ride. 

We are always looking for help.  If you have a skill to share or a passion to flare, email or contact Melissa.

Location: The Chainlink Office
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Latest Activity: Dec 19, 2012


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