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The L.A.T.E.(long after twilight ends) Ride seems to have come to its end.

This is most likely the eulogy for what was a huge part of the cycling community atmosphere with its very well attended and successful late night bike rides. It was part of the early evolving and unifying influence of the Chicago cycling community.
After more than 25 years it seems like The L.A.T.E. Ride and Friends of the Parks is giving up hope for any future rides.
Looking back at all the years of fond memories of the fun and joyful overnight bike rides this ride, IMO, will be missed.

From their Facebook page on March 2, 2018;
"Thank you all for your interest in LATE Ride. We are not planning to put on a LATE Ride in 2018, despite how much fun it is. Though ours was the first such event in Chicago and extremely popular in its early years, the rise of so many other cycling events over the years made it harder and harder to draw the same crowds and break even. While we appreciate its value for a fun time and we hope it exposed people to Chicago's parks and lakefront, it was no longer good for our bottom line. As we consider whether LATE Ride may make sense in the future, we encourage you to continue enjoying cycling in Chicago, our parks, and our lakefront."

It's been fun and worthwhile supporting our parks. . . thanks !

Wanting to keep this as a positive memory post.
Please visit the L.R./F.O.P. sites if you feel differently.
Thanks for reading my posts here on the Chainlink.
'Time Out Break Time'~
Power to all in our community!
See you all somewhere down the road!
Always, "keep on pedaling!" . . .
Tom A. K.

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Does the community disintegrate as the shared interest becomes normal?

That conclusion was never implied here.
The question would be an excellent discussion post.
Simply stated, IMO, the event, and all similar earlier cycling events were a vehicle of cohesiveness that evolved in strength and mass through time to it's current state.
Deterioration and disintegration can occur to any community if it is not unified and maintained.

Jennifer, same question . . . past discussion . . . once again.
r.o.i., break even, bottom line, +~.



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