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There will be quite a bit of climbing on my upcoming trip around the north half of the Lake. That made me curious: what was the highest grade I've ever pedaled up and where was it?

I think I found the answer. It was late August 2011 on the ride around Tegernsee.

The 13% I managed to ride, but we had to dismount when it get closer to and then over 20%.

Fortunately, the steepest slope on my trip will be just 8.4%.


Share your slopes ;)

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23% at the Hilly Hundred in Bloomington, IN

Nice :)

8%, supposedly, on the Blue Ridge Parkway but there was definitely some steeper slopes from WV into Virginia, I THINK. 

Also there's some yikes in the driftless and as it was my first tour, I sure as shucks got off and walked it. :) 

On Ragbrai in 2010 there was what was said to be a 20% grade on Potters Hill that I climbed with a 58 tooth front ring. I don't think in reality it was that steep. There are some tough climbs on the Horribly Hilly Hundreds in Wisconsin that were steeper and longer.

Potter's Hill just before Dubuque goes from 6% to 19% according to the interwebs so has to be true.


...Wait, are you saying you climbed it in high gear?

Vintage Schwinn Paramount with race gearing. Big ring 58 little ring 54. Run what you brung. Doesn't hurt that I weigh 130lbs wet.

You could have been a jockey ;)

or a runner.

There's no "could have" here, as you know I know ;)

Ha! I was wrong. Almost 15%, last June, south of Muskegon.


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