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You may recall that North Carolina firefighter who was so pissed off at the sight of a dad riding around with his 3-year-old in a child seat that he shot him in the head (the guy's life was saved by his helmet). Anyway, the guy was sentenced today—four months in jail!

I generally don't go in for outrage but this one really made my blood boil. Strike North Carolina from my next vacation itinerary!

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But, the firefighter also has to pay the cyclist a whopping $1200 for the injury he inflicted!

I didn't realize "a case of a stand-up guy having a bad day" could be a reasonable defence in an attempted murder case. I'm a stand-up guy, and my bad days usually start with jack-holes driving like they want to kill me.
This is outrageous.


Yeah but make him do that time in a
Turkish prison
shoot the judge ?
What a f*cking joke the justice system is sometimes. Hope I don't piss off some untouchable someday. What a waste of tax dollars to have even had a trial if this is the result. If I was the biker I would move my family the hell out of that state faster than you can say firefight!
Just drop him and the judge off in some south african jail.
Oh, so this is why we should be wearing helmets?
Thanks gadgetguy! Now I feel bad. (Your comment made me laugh.)

gadgetguy said:
Oh, so this is why we should be wearing helmets?
Makes me sick... That's at least attempted murder cause a shot to the head isn't a "love tap"
What a travesty. I know when I worked as a public servant we were held to higher standards than the "average joe." I find it unbelievable that the grand jury decided to reduce the charge to an assault one in the first place.

I understand taking into consideration a person's usual pattern of behavior but he didn't even get the minimum of a reasonable sentence.
This falls into my category of petty corruption. Proof that with the right credentials you CAN get away with anything.
Truly some sick news. A shame
What ticked off this guy so much? Was it the fact that the father endangered his 3-year old by biking with him on a busy highway? Or was he mad at the father for somehow blocking his car as he tried to drive around the two cyclists?

Well whatever it was, pulling out a gun and shooting someone was certainly an extreme action. Perhaps the Grand Jury decided he was mentally ill after hearing all the evidence. And just as many others judged to be mentally ill, our society sometimes does not treat these people as criminals. But rather prescribes was done here.

Choose for yourself: (1) lock the guy up, sick as he is, and release him in 7-8 years, still unbalanced and enraged, or (2) show some compassion, treat the illness, and return him to society as a productive citizen. Prison time alone is seldom the answer.

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