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A while back I believe someone posted the statute that allows riding on sidewalks and paths on Park District property.  Recently, some residents along Sheridan Road are trying to ban bikes from "The Meadows" area, east of Sheridan between Bryn Mawr and Berwyn.  Last week, "Walk Your Wheels" signs went up.  I've ridden this section for the past 12 years on my way to work.  It's Park District property and I consider it an extension of the LFT and the safest way to access the LFT at the underpass north of Foster.

Would appreciate it if someone can cite that statute.  Thanks

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My understanding of this  area of the park, where I have ridden, is that it  is a path and not  a sidewalk. This is going through  a part of the park where there are neither roads nor  sidewalks but a path.  That path is a multi use path and the  walkers seem  to  have  unilaterally adopted it for their  own use. Do I  have this correct?


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