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Moving Sale: Carbon Road Bike, Lots of Gear, Furniture... Last days of sale

I put everything on a spreadsheet on a Google drive figuring I could update it as stuff sells. 

Last Days of Sale This Week (in North Center on Damen)

Text me at 312-315-9964

Last week of moving sale!

I am moving to D.C. in one week (need to sell everything by 9/21) and need to sell pretty quickly. If you see something you need pic of, let me know. I'm around most of the time, just let me know if you want to come by to see/buy/pickup, etc. 

And don't worry! The Chainlink is in awesome hands and I'll still give it love from my new location. We'll have a person taking over the weekly care and feeding (email, etc.). The moderators rock. And the community takes care of itself. The racing team has grown by 9 more in the last week and we have 10 ambassadors. 

First come, first serve. I'm adding more bike stuff as I remember so keep checking!

Shoot me an email to coordinate a time! The Chainlink messaging is a little wonky today (have a support ticket in to fix it) so please email me at THANKS!

p.s. I have rubbermaids full of gear, odds and ends, etc. 

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Eyeballing that desk and those bookshelves...and my bank account...

do it! :-)

Just reduced desk and chair prices...

Your place looks familiar. Feel like I've been there in a past life. Chicago will miss you.

thanks :-)

If there's something you are interested in, just shoot me a note at and I can take pics/give more details/answer questions! Stuff is starting to get snapped up. I'll add more stuff later today and tomorrow as I go through my things. 

chairs ($40 ea) and small table ($15)

Felt Carbon Road Bike with lots of upgrades

Great for tough climbs!

Are the speedplays in good condition? If so, I'm interested.

Hi Adam, SpeedPlays are in good condition

Sent you a message.

Little White Cabinet (folds up for easy move/storage). Added Anthropologie ceramic door knobs.

Yasmeen, you've done a lot for cycling in Chicago.  Thank you and best wishes.


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