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Now that I have your attention, and you have stuffed yourself, and you have fallen asleep watching football, and you are back to the Chainlink, hie thee over to the fundraising page.  Just click on that link up there.

There is a lot of cool, bike-related stuff over on the fundraising page.  You can spend a couple of bucks or spend 2500 bucks or just about anywhere in between.  Maybe you can do some Christmas shopping without leaving the comfort of the couch or standing in stupid lines at stores.

You can definitely help Julie retool the Chainlink to do all of those things you said you wanted when you responded to the survey.  She does all this for nothing, you know, and we all get news, education, and entertainment for free on the Chainlink. And, greedy souls that we are, we want more!

So c'mon!  If you can't find the link at the top of the page, just click on this one:

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I'd agree. There are some good Xmas gifts to choose from. It did cut down on my shopping...
And of course, all the free entertainment i get from the chainlink is worth something.
I already suggested to Julie a fundraising idea involving T-shirts, jackets, panniers, headbands, etc. with the chainlink logo so we can recognize each other instantly.

Thanks for the timely PSA, LC!  Julie, can we affectionately refer to you as, the 'Master Link'?

Thanks Lisa!

Douglas you can do that here, we are offering tshirts and jerseys!

Gerry - That's funny.  I've never been referred to that before.  


We can do it, you guys! 




You are welcome, Julie.  And I like it:  Master Link.  Or Master for short!

Woo-hoo!  We can do it!

Brilliant message, Lisa :)  

OK Lisa, you got me. After all I owe you one (and Julie too)

Melissa, I love it when someone thinks I do something brilliant.  But, its Julie and the Chainlink that are brilliant.  Ken, its Julie.  Never would have met all of these wonderful people without Julie being the "Master Link".

Lisa Curcio said:

...Never would have met all of these wonderful people without Julie being the "Master Link".


Now we've raised $1,441 with 38 days left -- a good start! Give what you can.




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