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I'm fortunate that my building has secure, indoor bike parking. A friend of mine is starting a new job in the vicinity of Monroe & Wacker and isn't so lucky. Are there indoor bike parking facilities in that area? Wasn't there noise about locating a bike facility similar to the Millenium Park station somewhere near Sears Tower?


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You can find a little shelter from the elements along Monroe between Franklin and Wells

Thanks. Are you referring to the skinny space between the Arcade Pl alley and Monroe (red circle)?

I ride past that most days. I'm pretty sure my friend was thinking of someplace secure (locked cage, secure indoor parking, etc).

Your red circle is in the right place.  There is a sign by that bike rack that it's for employees of 200 W Monroe only (not sure if that's enforced).  I used to work in that building and left my bike locked out there for an entire December once without issue.

Correct.  I park in the building across the street, but several co-workers park here year round.  They don't want to go through the loading dock down the elevator to the bike parking.  They have been parking there for 6+ years with no issues from the tenants.  I would say it is pretty sheltered from the elements.  It is also right in front of the Equinox, so eyes are on it almost the whole work day.

The Sears Tower has yearly bike valet, 24-hour access, for $250 per year... maybe more for non-tenants. It's indoors, mechanic on duty, includes two bike washes and a tune-up every year. Contact them here.


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