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I just missed the press conference and just hung out at lunch to see how it would all work. It seemed easy enough, so I took Dearborn as my starting route home to Roscoe Village. Normally I hit Franklin to Orleans then north to Lincoln.

I have to say, it was pretty easy and relatively safe. The ambassadors were helpful with the the auto traffic. The walkers were easy enough to avoid. I had to chuckle at two riders riding side by side in the lane.

What I didn't see was any oncoming traffic; southbound riders. I am guessing that will come in time or at other times during the day.

Way to go Mayor RE! This is really making a statement.

Who else rode the new path?

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HAhahahahaha very funny to have been there I'm sure
Tony Adams 7 mi said:

So I'm riding up Dearborn this morning around 8 AM. It's been one of those great commutes where nothing bad or even obnoxious has happened. As I approach Harrison I see a motorcycle parked in the lanes north of Harrison. When the light changes to green for bikes, I ride though and while myself and about four other riders are passing the Sportster (i'm pretty sure) I hear a voice on a VERY LOUD PA yelling at the biker something to the effect of "Hey motorcycle rider! Get that thing out of there!" It was like the voice of G*d or something - i mean LOUD. Turns out it was from a firefighter in a Chicago Fire Department SUV. The biker came running toward his bike from about half a block away as if he too thought it might be the voice of G*d. He hopped on his dainty hog and cleared the lane pronto.

I'm really impressed that a firefighter would have the initiative and take the time to help keep our lane clear. Bravo CFD! 

For the last week or so, you have posted this approximate message to exactly three threads. While I would never discourage the sentiment, the message bears little if any relationship to the topic or continuity of the thread. Today, you posted the message to six threads. Why the departure?

Domenica Cresap said:

Take a ride this afternoon.  Great sunny day for a ride!


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