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Thought it'd be easiest to begin a new thread showing photos of the bikes as I get them finished.

First bike is a Trek Madone that had the Discovery Channel paint on it. Neither the owner nor myself thought much of the way it looked. I heard him mention he was 'considering painting it red', so I went with that, but did it in a Candy Apple red color. Basically a gold basecoat color, with a deep, transparent red mid-coat color (so you can see through it, down to the basecoat), and then clearcoat on top of it all. Looks so much better in person, and in bright sunlight. I also added in 'ghosted' Chester Cycles logos; I used a different-sized metallic flake for the logo, so it shows up as you tilt the frame, or see it at different angles.

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Second frame is Joel's "Game Room" Jamis Supernova. Some of my favorite 80s things are the arcade games, and I really felt these 3 (Space Invaders, Galaga, and Defender) were some of the best. Was able to create most of the characters and lettering using spray masks. The overall color is black, with red, blue and prism metalflake added to give it more of a 'space look'.

Very Nice.

Galaga downtube FTW!  The metalflake works really well - it really does recall the twinkling background of the game.  Impressive.

The game room one is a great idea, and really well done! I would be proud to ride that thing around town. 


Very nice! I like the idea of the "ghosted logo" and you really did capture that twinkling background from Galaga with the paint job on the game bike. I never was a huge fan of Space Invaders, but MAN did I play the hell outta some Defender and Galaga!

That game room paint job is amazing.

Two more are finished; first is an 80's Peugeot done in a candy fade (yellow/orange/red), with an overpaint of a matte metallic gray. I did knockout masks for the logo on the seat tube, headtube and fork.

Second is a Trek Ion CX, and I wound up getting inspired by two different sets of dishes my wife and I have. This was first painted in a heavy blue metal flake color; then the designs were shot in all their separate colors, and then finally the 2007 Chrysler 'Cool Vanilla' white over the whole thing.

That Trek is fantastic!

I cannot wait to see my Peugot in person; I am so in love with the paint job on it already.

Now I just have to figure out the parts to put on it...

I love, love the Trek Ion CX!! Beautiful Work on all! 

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