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e-mail sent.

Do you accept bribes?

email sent

My tentative plan is/was to do a rattle-can John Deere theme on my Mirada 2speed project. I'm not totally attached to the John Deere thing but I am looking forward to designing a uni-deer for the head badge.

why not, email sent

The plaid bike is cool.  I'm halfway through typing up an entry but can't decide between styles.

Oh yes! Email sent.

you should post pictures of the final products here. I'd love to see them.

Oh! I'd like that!

sent you an email

Cool. I will send an e-mail as well.

Duane - Take down this discussion. It's ruining my chances.


Michael B said:

Duane - Take down this discussion. It's ruining my chances.

I sent a message over on FB.

Thanks for doing this.

Hi Duane, Count me in, please. Late 80's Paramount OS, f&f, 58cm. (Can you get the decals from Waterford? If so, let me know how much.) Hop-up, or maybe I can be talked into a Liberace.


Frank Brichetto


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