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Hello All!

I don't really start new threads much, actually this might be my first. I'm Duane from Chester cycles, the bicycle painter. I started a little contest on facebook about 2 weeks ago, and thought I should also put the info here, in case anyone was interested in what I'm doing with this *FREE* repaint. Here's the information from my facebook post:

...(from December, 2012);
Beginning in January of 2013, I will be offering 10 free (Yeah, FREE!), complete paint jobs to 10 lucky (?) customers. But there’s a catch. . .

Inspired after seeing, in person, an actual Dario Pegoretti ‘catch the spider’ frame, and reading about Speedvagen’s “Surprise Me” paint jobs, I’m offering free paint jobs with a twist; I get to pick what goes on your frame. The only choice you’ll get to make is which ‘style’ you’d like. After that, it’s up to ME what happens. I have a pretty good eye for color, so you (most likely) won't be embarrassed. I will ask what color bar tape or saddle you may be using, so there’s no clashing.

I plan on doing a run of 10 of these over the course of the year. This will not only be a fun departure from the basic paint jobs I do, but it will also allow me to trim down my expansive collection of leftover color.

Your choices for ‘Style’ are as follows:
“The Liberace’ (flamboyantly loud; not for the faint of heart)
“The Duesenberg” (body colors used on classic-era automobiles)
“The Hailey” (inspired by a good friend who is in love with everything ’80’s’, expect some pink)
“The Brady” (think Brady Bunch; think 70’s kitchens; think earth tones)
“The Monotone” (varying shades of silvers and metallic grays, with one “pop” color)
“The Hop Up” (vintage hot rod colors and/or effects)
“The Freehand” (hand-painted designs)
“Anything Goes” (pretty much what it says)

Each finished frame will be signed/numbered/dated/embellished, and will carry a painted “Chester Cycles’ logo somewhere on a tube.

For lack of a better way to do this, I will just ask that you message me here, or email me, with the style you’d like, what type of frame you have, and what bar tape/saddle color you’d probably be using. I’ll randomly choose the names on January 6th and announce them here (meaning on facebook), and then get to some fun painting!

I will also be emailing the winners, too.

What I ask is that if you DO win, please bring me ONLY your frame and fork (if you want it done, too). I'm not into disassembling 10 bicycle this year ;)

Check out my work here:

EDIT! Email me through the website; I've had numerous attempts to hack my email, and I think it may be because I posted it here.

And you can also find me on facebook, just search for chester cycles.

Thanks for your interest, and best of luck if you enter. I'm picking winners this Sunday, so get back to me fast if you want a chance!

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e-mail sent.

Do you accept bribes?

Got it, dug, you're in the running.

No bribes, as I'm not a politician, just a painter.

email sent

My tentative plan is/was to do a rattle-can John Deere theme on my Mirada 2speed project. I'm not totally attached to the John Deere thing but I am looking forward to designing a uni-deer for the head badge.

why not, email sent

The plaid bike is cool.  I'm halfway through typing up an entry but can't decide between styles.

Oh yes! Email sent.

you should post pictures of the final products here. I'd love to see them.

Oh! I'd like that!

sent you an email

Cool. I will send an e-mail as well.

Duane - Take down this discussion. It's ruining my chances.


Michael B said:

Duane - Take down this discussion. It's ruining my chances.

I sent a message over on FB.

Thanks for doing this.


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