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Quick question:
I am looking to ride up the North Branch trail and connect to the Des Plaines River Trail. At what point can I do that? Church road?
Is the DPRT reliably rideable at that point?

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Thank you. Fixed.

Thanks Duppie!   Looks like a great route!   I like your secret route going east between Dundee and Lake Cook.  Many of those connections are unknown to me.   But I'd have to have your map taped to my handlebars so I didn't miss any of those many turns. 

And I might have passed you going south on the NBT on Presidents' Day.  I was dazzling my buddy from Anchorage with the abundance of great bike paths we have here.   Wish I had your route to add to the show.  :-)

Glad you liked the connector route. It was generally a good route.
Two parts I didn't like too much:
1. Pfingsten road over the Eden's Spur. I had to take the sidewalk over the Eden's Spur, and further north it gets really narrow with no sidewalks. I haven't found an alternative yet. There's just too many barriers in that area with the Eden's, Lake Cook Rd., The Md-N line, etc.
2. The little stretch on Deerfield Rd. I took the (brand-new) sidewalk part of the way. Looking at the map now, I could have avoided that by going further east and then taking Ridge Rd North.

Here's what an optimal route looks like, with a cue sheet:

Connector Route from DPRT to Skokie Valley Trail

Does anyone have any tips about moving between the Des Plaines River trail and the Salt Creek trails? All those streets look awfully similar on the map, but I guess we all know how deceptive that can be... :P

Between which two parts?

I was curious about the eastern end of the IPP and the southern end of the DPR. They're pretty near one another where Maywood, Forest Park, Melrose Park, River Forest all meet; is there a trail or path the google maps doesn't show, or one street that's better to ride than the others? Strava heatmap is pretty uniform on the east side of the river...



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