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construction on Archer impacting the bike lanes: anyone have an IDOT contact?

I ride Archer in to work most mornings, and a project to replace the sidewalk access ramps between Western (or maybe farther, i just get on on Western) and Chinatown  has been going on for months (translation: they started it a long time ago and then left) - and has left giant chunks out of the pavement at almost every intersection - right in the middle of the bike lanes. 

I don't really need to spell out to this group why that's a bad thing on a busy, fast, curvy, bike route - but i want to let IDOT  (or who/whatever would be the best contact) know that just because a chunk out of the pavement doesn't affect cars doesn't mean it isn't dangerous!

Anyone have an email address at IDOT that I could email (or a better idea for who to reach out to?) 

thank you!

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Here are some examples 35th and Archer:

and Paulina and Archer:

There are numerous sites between Western and Canal where the curb-ramp patches have been filled in, but lots of them have not yet. I have not been able to perceive a pattern...


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