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There are some great recommendations here. I think I'd add active bike lane enforcement including towing cars that are in the bike lanes.

"Ride Forward: A Brief Wish List For Chicago Biking Policy & Infrastructure"

They tell us Chicago is the best biking city in America—and by several gauges, it does indeed stand out. We have miles of bike lanes, an active and passionate cycling community, an expanded bike-share network, a committed legal and advocacy framework and much more. Still, why let the good be the enemy of the great? With spring about to roll in and more riders looking pedal up, it seemed like a good time to take inventory of what we, as cyclists ourselves, would still love to see in terms of both policy and infrastructure. Check out our picks—both serious and whimsical—below.

Full article and the full wish list:

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I use an app on my phone called "See Click Fix". Mostly I use it to report pot holes, graffiti, lights out, etc. around my neighborhood - with great success, as in the city respond and fixes the problem in less than a week.

Lately, I've been using the app to report cars parking on bike lanes.

I know it's wishful thinking that those violators will get even a hand slap, but I'm hoping if I do enough of this and that there's a pattern with locations, they may actually do something about it.

I'm also hoping that there will be more people using this app to report such violations.

Yes, I realize that there have been attempts to do this previously. But those have been by individuals and not connected to the city and hoping to maybe get enough attention that the city notices. But reports from this "See Click Fix" app gets sent directly to the city and you get a notice immediately that it's been acknowledged.

By no means am I affiliated with this app. Just a happy user.

Heck, I'd be happy with a repaint of the fading lines on some of the bike lanes. Reflective paint would be nice, as would plastic guards.

The Loomis St. bridge becomes/is a hazard when it becomes wet! we have been waiting 2 years for this to be taken care of, however CDOT (Chicago Department of Transportation) keep coming up with various reasons why they will not remedy this situation. We southsiders also have contend with the same conditions on the bridge on Canal, north of Cermak.

Canal should have a bike lane like Halsted

I'd like to see the bike lanes restored on Elston between Belmont and Damen. They were never repainted after the street was paved.

A separate traffic signal for bikes on NB Elston at Ashland, to avoid conflicts with cars cutting across lanes to turn right on to Ashland, would be wonderful.

In general, I would like to see thoughtful planning given to bike lanes that are also interrupted and impacted by construction. Whether it's building construction or road construction, it usually has more of an impact on our safety because the lanes can disappear, we are forced into traffic, and the construction traffic can introduce other safety issues with parking and general awareness by the drivers of the larger vehicles. Planning is usually focused on cars and pedestrians but bike lanes have a tendency to be forgotten.

Oops meant Elston from Addison to Belmont.

I second that! I ride it everyday and it has become a free for all for people double parking, passing on the right, etc....Actually, people did that before but still could use the lanes!!


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