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Bike Parking and Bike Lock Fails. Spot It. Snap It. Share It.

Do you see some poor soul out there with a wheel locked to the rack but nothing else? Take a pic and post it to this thread.

Also, if you see someone managing to take up most of the bike rack with their bike so that pretty much no one else can lock their bike there? Take a pick and post it to this thread. 

I saw one bike lock fail that turned out to be a bike lock psych out - a guy made it look like his bike was locked but too lazy to actually lock it when he did his grocery shopping at TJ's (I ran in to him when I was leaving and he confirmed he was being lazy).

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Better than nothing, but why?

Perhaps the owner couldn't get the Kryptonite lock around the downtube and the loop?

Here's a different kind of fail - locked to the bus stop railing in the Washington bike lane at State St. This is not a bike rack.


Bikes belong in the bike lanes!(just not like this)



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