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What's in your stable? What is the bicycle you ride for commutes? And why do you like it?

Pics of mine later...

Felt York fixed gear

Diamond Back Hanjoo cyclocross

Surly Pugsley

Soon... Surly Cross Check. 

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2017 Caynon Commuter with Alfine internal hub, Gates belt drive, XTR brakes, SON front generator hub and internal lights

1980's Colnago Super Pista Campy C record Pista group (work in progress)

I have a feeling you like Colnago bikes. 2015 Colnago world cup - one I wanted a whole back. 

Awesome collection. 

My humble 3 speeds:

"Queen Mab" 1953.

"Jocasta" 1971.

Fun to ride. Both veterans of the Lake Pepin 3 speed tour, reliable commuters and errand bikes.

GT Karakoram ('93? '94?)

Here's a new addition. New to me. Will turn into an urban single speed commuter.

Cross-Check #1:

Cross-Check #2:

They are the same, except for the ways in which they are different. #1 is aggressive and eager, always ready to go and get there yesterday. #2 floats over everything and can coast forever, but will not object to a burst of speed. I rotate them based on which one I could afford to have serviced more recently. Neither commute anymore, and I'm sure they hate me for that.

Cross Check frames are like a Jeep of the commuter bikes. Versatile and won't let you down if you take care of it. 

Here's another I was working on this weekend. Surly Cross Check.

Another one - finished product. 


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