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Anybody else going to wuss out on commuting because of gale force winds?

I felt exceptionally lazy the last three days and was unable to get out of the house on time to be able to make it to work via bike, so I drove. I rarely EVER drive to work so I've been a bit bummed that I didn't bike the last three days, and now it looks like my usual LFP commute will be all but impossible due to 30 mph winds gusting into my face each morning for the next couple days. I thought about maybe cutting west and riding up through the city to avoid the LFP on the off chance that it might be less windy. However, the wind is pretty much coming straight from the north so I can't see any northern route on city streets being much better than the LFP. The ride home would probably be a blast though, what with that tail wind. There was a storm last year in October that was a lot like this with the super high winds. It was blowing so hard I had to ride the bus up into the loop to run an errand. Going home I got on the LFP south of Navy Pier and had a blast riding home with the massive tailwind. It was blowing so hard that day that I was actually in my granny ring and one of the bigger cogs on the back and was still able barely manage about 10 miles an hour. I suspect tomorrow and Tuesday will be pretty similar to that storm last October. I may just drive both days and consider this week a write-off.

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I'd definitely stay off LFP. As far as streets go, just take it slow and accept the fact that the ride home (North) will take longer.

You can always throw your bike on the bus, if it becomes impossible to ride North.

The thing that scares me about heavy winds isn't the headwind but the sudden gusting crosswinds that can blow you into traffic.  I've had a few close calls.   If the gusts get to 30 mph I avoid riding.

I'm going to ride Metra in those gale force winds.  16 miles to home with gale force winds on the nose does not sound like a fun commute for me.

My solution to your problem was to get rid of my car.

Once we have bike share, the answer will always be: bike the segment with the tail wind, CTA the other segment to avoid fighting the head wind. 

Yes, I will probably wuss out too.  We'll see.  

I just can't see slaving away in my granny ring for 11 miles going 10 mph or less. It'll easily take me over an hour to get to work. Major suckage - from the blowing ;)

I'm going to continue to ride. 10.5 miles one way and I'm going to take it easy and slower, though

I'm wimping out...but for other reasons.

Same w/ me. I'm shooting for 500 miles for the month of November.

Just Will said:

I'm going to continue to ride. 10.5 miles one way and I'm going to take it easy and slower, though

It wasn't too bad this morning.

I got in earlier than usual because of the wind pushing me south so I was actually going faster than my usual morning commute.

Damn TV news I woke up to, made me think twice about riding this morning, but like I said it wasn't too bad.

I had to drive to work this morning (fifth time in six years) to help a friend get to an interview, but I'm looking forward to trying the lakefront commute tomorrow.  It was pretty awesome yesterday when I was out for a walk and looked really cool this morning.



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