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Saw this one on the Wisconsin Bike Fed blog:

Unlike other incidents I've seen reported, this one appears to involve people who likely knew each other. The two were coworkers, both working for WS Packaging Solutions in Algoma, WI.

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Thanks. Here's another link.

Those quiet suburban neighborhoods can be very deceptive. I recently had 3 different cars run stop signs in front of me within 20 minutes in sleepy little Clarendon Hills. One of them almost took me out. Chased that one down, and it turned out to be an old lady. She denied it all, even though I had it on my GoPro.

Too many drivers treat that octagonal sign as "stop optional." Pretty much like the red lights on north Sheridan Rd.

That is IF they even SEE them at all...

Did you show her your evidence on video?  No denying hard evidence.

No, but I still have it. File size is too big to post here. Since I was swerving for my life, the composition only shows her car at the beginning of the encounter, and again as I recovered to chase her down. It's obvious that I swerved into the wrong lane to avoid being hit. This woman was a real "Mrs. Magoo." I don't know how she passed a driver's test.

Probably hasn't had to take an actual driving test in two or three decades...

A later report identified the victim as Karen McKeachie, age 63.


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