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As a white male baptist southerner, it would be hard even for the racists to diss this guy. If anyone deserves a do-over, its this man, plus he wears a size 10 glove.

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We must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque with this thread. But for what it's worth, a mayoral candidate's stance on bike policy does NOT rank in the top three critical issues facing the City of Chicago. That doesn't mean it's irrelevant (and I realize that this IS the Chainlink Forum), but -- wait, what does this have to do with a meaningless online petition to draft Al Gore in 2020?!

Thread drift is a time honored Chainlink tradition. Close enough, politics, mayoral election time is not that far away. And Albuquerque is not that bad of a place to visit.

Yes. True, but I was suggesting that the entire thread is a distraction and off topic. (Of course, here I am participating so... :) )

Dang, you blew my cover. I work for the Russian social media authority. Our organization reports directly to Vladimir Putin. It's a great job. lot's of fun and it pays well, too. But it looks like my days are numbered now.

When I said, "the greatest risk we face..." the "we" is the city's cycling community. I'll admit that we our greatest risks or issues are not necessarily the greatest risks or issues facing the city as a whole.

However, I would humbly suggest that bike policy is an indicator of a candidate's commitment to sustainability, which is is a fundamental stance.  

So now we have a fundamentalist in our midst? Go ahead punk, make my day.

Urban biking has everything to do with the liveability of a city. As a counter example, look at how expressways tear up and wall off neighborhoods. Consider the Robert Taylor homes, built adjacent to the Dan Ryan expressway, to segregate blacks from the rest of the city and provide a handy conduit for white flight out to the pristine 'burbs. Consider the effects on crime and the creation of food deserts, how these projects affect our lives in very significant ways. Chicago is the belly button of America. We can do better.


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