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As a white male baptist southerner, it would be hard even for the racists to diss this guy. If anyone deserves a do-over, its this man, plus he wears a size 10 glove.

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Thread drift is a time honored Chainlink tradition. Close enough, politics, mayoral election time is not that far away. And Albuquerque is not that bad of a place to visit.

Yes. True, but I was suggesting that the entire thread is a distraction and off topic. (Of course, here I am participating so... :) )

When I said, "the greatest risk we face..." the "we" is the city's cycling community. I'll admit that we our greatest risks or issues are not necessarily the greatest risks or issues facing the city as a whole.

However, I would humbly suggest that bike policy is an indicator of a candidate's commitment to sustainability, which is is a fundamental stance.  


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