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alright dudes, I need some assistance. I have popped 3 flats in the last 2 months and I am damn tired of the inconvenience this creates...

--- late for a meeting at work
--- almost late for Critical Mass
--- almost missed Project Runway...phewww thx TiVo

anyways, a friend recently mentioned adding a "tuffy tire liner" to prevent flats...I feel like if these worked so well then everyone would just have them, so what am I not seeing about this?

any words of wisdom would be awesome...also Bike shop employees, whose got em and how much?

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Hmm...I'm going to assume that was a 'smart' remark. I don't consider myself an expert by any means, but I have worked as a bike mechanic for going on 3 years now, so on the same token, I'm not an idiot. I make my fair share of mistakes...we all do.

The weird part about my blow out was that I had ridden TO work on it 20 miles, didn't change the psi at all on it, and I wasn't doing anything weird. I had inflated the tires that morning. It truly was a random blowout. Rather funny, imo...but probably because I wasn't in a time rush. It hasn't happened since, with another 1000 miles on the bike, plus one cross race. Hm. Temperamental bike, wanting to keep me on my toes...

h3 said:
Good call Danielle.
Same thing happened to me a long time ago, on a hybrid with something like 700x35s. I think I may have had a fold in the tube causing the bulge; Jessica seems like too much of an expert to make a mistake like that though.

Danielle said:
Sounds like your tire was over inflated, your rim is damaged, or the tire wasn't seated properly. Just a guess though!

Jessica said:
I ride 700 by 32. Had one problem...that was a straight up blow out. Heard the tire unseat, the tube rubbed on the brakes twice...I had enough time to get a 'Son of a bitch..' out before the shot was heard to the world. I have NO idea what caused that...I was riding home from work...
Lots of replies already, but I just wanted to add my voice to the calls for better tires first. I have used Gatorskins and Bontrager Racelite Hardcase tires for the past few years. In the last 5000 miles I have had three flats total. And I think at least one of those could be attributed to wearing out tires. And one was caused by a pothole, which any tire would have fallen prey too.

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