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The GIF thread

The stupid-argument factor has seemed to me to be a bit higher than it should be lately, so I thought I'd start a corrective thread. Post y…

Started by David P.

59 on Wednesday
Reply by Beans

Study: Chicago Drivers Spend 71 Hours a Year Stuck in Traffic ! Chicagoans spend 71 hours a year…

Started by Tom A.K.

13 on Wednesday
Reply by Alisa Hauser

Podcasts: first, worst, favorites?

What are your favorite podcasts? Least favorites? Are your first podcasts still on your favorite list? First: Dan Carlin's Hardcore Histor…

Started by The Derailleur

2 on Wednesday
Reply by Marcusn

The forgotten history of how automakers invented the crime of "jaywalking"

100 years ago, if you were a pedestrian, crossing the street was simple: you walked across it.Today, if there's traffic in the area and you…

Started by Bob Kastigar

10 Jan 19
Reply by Thunder Snow

Record ! 2014 Was Earth's Warmest Year The planet's warmest year on record was 2014, f…

Started by Tom A.K.

1 Jan 18
Reply by Jeff Schneider

Pets of Chainlink

Show us your pets!This is my monstrously fat cat Orson, 30 pounds of feline love machine.

Started by notoriousDUG

257 Jan 13
Reply by Melanie M

Daniel Kish a.k.a. Batman

I heard this amazing story (Link) on the radio last Friday. Daniel's story starts at the 7:00 mark. I found this video of Daniel:

Started by Beans

2 Jan 13
Reply by David Barish

Wait for the signal like no one's watching...

Started by JeffB (7+ miles)

6 Jan 8
Reply by Tony Adams 4 mi

75k miles this year? Anyone do 200 miles today? :=)

Started by Alistair Stewart

4 Jan 2
Reply by peter moormann

Anyone know a place in Chicago to try and buy scooters?

After growing accustomed to using Divvy as a "last mile solution" I find myself thinking a scooter may serve my needs better than a bicycle…

Started by h' 1.0

14 Dec 22, 2014
Reply by S.Presley☠


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