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Air conditioner poll-- who's getting by without?

I've been close to installing my window units several times now, but then we cool off and things are reasonably bearable again with windows…

Started by h' 1.0

133 23 hours ago
Reply by Reddog

2014 Music Festivals

New thread for 2014! If you know something good is coming up please add it here! Last minute reminders too. Who's excited about the free M…

Started by h' 1.0

21 on Monday
Reply by h' 1.0

Crosswalk Chicken

Overall, it seems like a higher percentage of drivers are stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks (at least in Andersonville and Lakeview, w…

Started by Jeff Schneider

13 on Friday
Reply by curt(is) locke

Motorcycles and Scooters in the Bike Lane...

Last night on my ride home I was cruising down Division when two Harley's pulled in behind and proceeded to pass a young lady and then try…

Started by Tim S

19 Jul 16
Reply by Michelle Milham


Is it just me or have other people noticed the same thing? At least twice a week or so, when riding my bike along the lake front trail, I s…

Started by Joe Guzzardo

1 Jul 16
Reply by Beans

(-: (-: The Happy Thread :-) :-)

Whenever the forum seems depressed, just bounce this thread to the top. Who's got a happy song or happy thought to share? What do you do wh…

Started by h' 1.0

129 Jul 10
Reply by Beans

Metra priority seating showdown

One senior with a cane, one dude with a bike, one dude in a powerchair, and a family with a stroller and 3-4 kids. One train car, two prior…

Started by Jennifer on the lake

4 Jul 9
Reply by Anne Alt

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Nothing we didn't already know, but this poll quantifies just how irresponsible American drivers are.  Driving is by far the most dangerous…

Started by Jeff Schneider

1 Jun 20
Reply by Chitown_Mike

Calling ALL Cat lovers...Cat needs home

 My elderly neighbor wants me to take it to the shelter but I am afraid they will put it to sleep. My nieghbor just had hip surgery( she's…

Started by S.Presley☠

6 Jun 19
Reply by Anthony S

Looking for a dentist that does posts and crowns

OK, long story short, I have dental but my HMO primary guy WON'T ANSWER MY DARN CALLS.  So I have to switch docs and then wait till they ge…

Started by Chitown_Mike

6 Jun 19
Reply by Jamais716


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